City Services

  1. Public Information & News

    1. City Listserve

      Subscribe to notifications from the city.

    2. City Newsletter (Most Recent Issue)

      View the most recent issue of the City Newsletter.

    3. City Newsletter Archive

      View archived issues of the City Newsletter.

    4. GIS Maps and Services

      Geographic Information Systems mapping and land based data resources.

    5. Community Phone Numbers & Contract Services

      View a list of phone numbers that citizens frequently call.

    6. Frequently Called Numbers

      View a list of phone numbers that citizens frequently call.

    7. Online Forms

      Complete and submit an organizational or department form online.

    8. Ordinances

      View a listing of ordinances governing the City of Rancho Palos Verdes.

    9. Press Releases

      Read press releases issued by the city.

    10. Public Notices

      Read public notices issued by the city.

    11. RPVtv

      View live and recorded City meetings and community interest programming.

  2. Development, Building and Land Mgt

    1. Building Permits & Inspections

      Building safety - permits and inspections information.

    2. Development Projects

      View information on the Community Development projects throughout the City.

    3. View Preservation / Restoration

      View Restoration Permits, View Preservation Applications, and City Tree Review Permits.

  3. Public Safety

    1. Code Enforcement

      Activities of this division involve enforcement of the city’s Zoning and Building Codes.

    2. Emergency Preparedness

      Planning for activities that will become necessary in the event of emergency.

    3. Fire Department

      The Los Angeles County Fire Department provides fire protection services to RPV.

    4. Law Enforcement

      The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Lomita Station.

  4. Public Streets, Maintenance and Utilities

    1. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

    2. Cell Site Information

      General information on existing and proposed cell sites as well as the application process.

    3. City Service Requests

      Communicate with or contact City departments for assistance.

    4. Public Works Projects

      Information about street, water, sewer, storm water and other infrastructure components.

    5. Sewer & Storm Water

      Stormwater quality program, wastewater program and MS4 permits.

    6. Street Maintenance

      Includes streets, public buildings, parks, and trails responsibilities.

  5. Recreation in RPV

    1. Parks & Facilities

      View the City's parks and facilities, some of which are available to reserve.

    2. Trails and Nature Preserve

    3. Recreation Events

      View a calendar of events hosted by the Recreation and Parks Department.

    4. Recreation & Parks Activities

      Classes, educational and recreational opportunities from Recreation and Parks.

  6. RPV Weatherstation

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