Vacation and Home Renovation Security Camera Loaner Program

RPV residents may take advantage of the City’s vacation security camera loaner program and check out a Ring Spotlight Cam Battery and select accessories for use at home while on vacation or for home renovation purposes. 

To participate in the City’s public safety program, RPV residents are required to:

      1. Review and sign the Acknowledgment of Program Terms and Release of Liability 

      2. Review and complete the Check Out Form  

      3. Contact Jacqueline Ruiz, Administrative Analyst in the City Manager’s office, at (310) 544-5305 or                                   to schedule a meeting time at RPV City Hall.

During this meeting, residents will:

      • Complete the above mentioned forms on site or submit completed forms

      • Provide proof of residency (valid driver’s license OR a current utility bill with photo identification)

      • Provide accepted form of payment in the event the Device and/or Accessories are damaged, destroyed or lost                  (refer to the Acknowledgment of Program Terms and Release of Liability).

When all program steps are successfully completed, a resident will be able to receive a loaned Ring Spotlight Cam Battery and accessories at Rancho Palos Verdes City Hall.

Information about Ring Device & Accessories Available for Check Out

RPV residents are able to check out one Spotlight Cam Battery which is a battery-powered security camera with LED spotlights and siren. Residents are also able to check out one Chime Pro, a Wi-Fi extender, and one quick release “back-up” battery. Per the program guidelines, the loaned Spotlight Cam must be placed inside the home.    

Visit Ring’s Frequently Asked Questions web page for information about general questions, what is needed for the mobile version of Ring’s App, usage and functionality.

*Please note that in order to use the device a participating RPV resident needs to have Wi-Fi at their residence and a device such as a smart phone or tablet.