Apply For

  1. Business License

    Fill out our business license application online.

  2. Employment Opportunities

    Browse job openings, download an application, or email your resume.

  3. Sign Permit

    Please refer to Development Code section 17.76.050 for specific sign guidelines and restrictions. If the proposed sign(s) is free-standing or involves a Master Sign Program, this online form does not apply.

  4. Site Plan Review

    The Minor Site Plan Review application is required for construction of minor residential improvements.

  5. Special Construction Permit

    Submit a Special Construction Permit application so you can work on home improvement before or after the approved construction times.

  6. Temporary Banner Permit

    In order to display a temporary banner you must apply for a permit first.

  7. Film Permits

    The City requires film permits for filming on both public and private property.