City Departments

  1. City Manager

    Carries out City Council direction and directs the City's daily operations.

  2. City Attorney

    The City Attorney is selected by the City Council to assist and advise in legal matters.

  3. City Clerk

    Responsible for Council meetings, official records and elections.

  4. Community Development

    Planning, Building & Safety, Code Enforcement and View Restoration Divisions.

  5. Finance

    City finances, budget, accounting, financial policies, and business license.

  6. Human Resources

    Responsible for personnel, staff training, recruitments, and development.

  7. Public Works

    Streets, public facilities, water, wastewater and City engineering.

  8. Recreation, Parks & Open Space

    Administer the City's parks, facilities and associated activities.

  9. RPVtv

    Education and local interest programming for the City and peninsula.

  10. Staff Directory

    Search through contact information for all organization staff and departments.

  11. Bids / Request for Proposals

    Opportunities to bid on items or projects are posted here.