Real Estate Signs

Residential real estate signs are allowed in the city without a permit, pursuant to the standards set forth by Rancho Palos Verdes Municipal Code § 17.76.050(D).


Sign Size

Signs placed on private properties proclaiming “For Rent,” “For Lease,” “Open House,” or “For Sale” are allowed without a permit, provided that the freestanding signs:

  • Do not exceed 4 ft. in overall height.
  • Do not exceed 4 square ft. of actual sign
  • Placed 5 ft. inside the property line.
  • Lead-in & directional signs do not exceed 3 square ft.

Lead-In & Directional Signs

Lead-in or directional signs such as “Open House,” “For Sale,” “For Rent” or “For Lease” and signs providing direction to special commercial activities may be placed in the public right-of-way between the hours of 1 - 6 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. These signs may be located within the public right-of- way as long as only 1 lead in sign is placed per traffic direction at any intersection. The maximum number of lead in signs at any intersection cannot exceed 3 signs. One lead in or directional sign may be placed within the public right-of-way adjacent to the property to which it refers between the hours of 1 - 6 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.