Being transparent is much more than just opening the financial books to residents who have an interest, it is a state of operating where information on everything from finances and projects to codes of conduct and the ways to communicate with both City government and Elected Officials are in the open and easy to find. 

The City of Rancho Palos Verdes hopes the residents we serve find this transparency portal both informative and helpful.
  1. City Projects

    1. Border Issues Status Report

      Bi-monthly reports on development projects and issues in surrounding communities

    2. Community Development Projects

      Information on major development projects going on in the City.

    3. GIS Information and Maps

      Geographic information Systems display information useful to the public on a map.

    4. Lobbying Efforts

      An explanation of what the City pays lobbyists to advocate for.

    5. Public Works Projects

      Major street, water, stormwater, sewer and facilities projects.

    6. Portuguese Bend Landslide

  2. City Records and Policies

    1. City Municipal Code

      See the rules and regulations that control City business.

    2. Contracts and Agreements

      City Contracts and Agreements are added to this database on an ongoing basis.

    3. Public Records Requests

      Link to forms and information on requesting public records.

    4. Weekly Administrative Reports

      Weekly reports about the activities going on at City Hall.

  3. Finance

    1. Business License List

      Listing of all City businesses from the Business License system.

    2. CAFR Financial Reports

      Audited "Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports" for current and past years.

    3. Checks Issued and CAL-Card Transactions

      Listing of all checks issued and credit card transactions by the City.

    4. Cash Balances Report

      View fund and bank account balance information.

    5. City Budgets

      Upcoming, current and past budget information.

    6. Taxes and Fee Schedules

      Fees charged by various City departments.

    7. Financial Governance & Policies

      Rules about how City finances are managed.

    8. Investment Policy (PDF)

      An overview of how the City invests available funds.

  4. Human Resources and Compensation

    1. Anonymous Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Hotline

      Anonymous Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Hotline - information and links

    2. CALPERS Financial Information

      Links to various information regarding the City CALPERS retirement program.

    3. Employee Compensation

      A full description of employee salaries and benefits.

    4. Labor Negotiations

      See information concerning the labor negotiation process.

  5. "OpenGov" Financial Data Reporting System

    View and download annual and historical City financial information.