Reporting Helicopter Noise

New Mobile Phone app HeliTracker

A new Apple and Android mobile phone app is available to report helicopter noise in Los Angeles County. HeliTracker is designed specifically for Los Angeles County residents, who can purchase the mobile app for $0.99. To report a disturbance, open the app and HeliTracker automatically confirms the user’s location, zip code, date, and time. With one tap, the user indicates the type of disturbance (loud, low, hovering, etc) and, with a second tap, sends the report to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Automatic Complaint System. This process takes only several seconds. For more information, view the press release (PDF) and video instructions (PDF).


Los Angeles County residents can report helicopter noise on the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) automated Helicopter Noise Complaint System. The FAA funded development of this complaint system and is funding its initial operation from April 2015 through March 2016. There are three ways to report noise complaints. Please use the tabs for further information and instruction.

  1. WebTrak
  2. Online Form
  3. Phone Call


is the best option for providing comprehensive and accurate information about the helicopter event associated with your complaint. Webtrak allows you to watch the movement of helicopters throughout Los Angeles County and file complaints about helicopter noise.

If you are a first time use of this WebTrak system, please take a few minutes to read the "Start Here" and "Help" tabs in the upper left corner of the WebTrak site.