Portuguese Bend Reserve

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The Portuguese Bend Reserve is the 399-acre area that was preserved in 2005. It consists of rolling hills, steep canyons and rock outcrops, with significant habitat and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Catalina Island. Located below and to the east of Del Cerro Park, it includes the areas known as the lemonade berry parcel, eagle's nest, the badlands, the active landslide and dirt extension of Crenshaw Boulevard. This area has numerous important trails and geological features such as Ailor cliff and the pillow lava outcrop.

Included in this Preserve at this time is also the Del Cerro Buffer, a 17-acre parcel immediately below Del Cerro Park. This area burned in 2005, and the regrowth is characterized by many native plants with deep roots that result in increased slope stability.

Reserve Hours

1 Hour Before Sunrise to 1 Hour After Sunset

Public Amenities

  • Porta Toilet
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Adjacent Picnic Area - Del Cerro Park


Parking on Crenshaw Blvd is available curbside, parking hours are as follows: 7AM to 1 hour after sunset.

Warning: Parking is not allowed 1 hour after sunset to 7AM, violators will be cited for parking after hours.

Beach Access