Home Fire Insurance Information and Additional Resources

Additional Resources from the California Department of Insurance

In coordination with the Asm. Al Muratsuchi’s Office, City staff was provided the following contact information for the California Department of Insurance. 

Email: ombudsman@insurance.ca.gov

Phone: (916) 492-3457

Residents are encouraged to contact the California Department of Insurance (DOI) with any home fire insurance questions they may have. Additionally, the Department of  Insurance is available to provide additional resources and guide residents through dealing with their insurance companies.

California Department of Insurance Presentation on Insurance Rates

During the November 18, 2020 Wildfire Preparedness Town Hall Town Hall Meeting hosted by Asm. Al Muratsuchi, representatives from the California Department of Insurance presented on plans to collaborate with government, insurers, and communities to keep insurance rates fairly priced. Additionally the presentation encompassed data on the number of non-renewed home fire insurance policies for the Palos Verdes Peninsula. A copy of the Department of Insurance's presentation can be found here.

Virtual Investigatory Hearing on Homeowners Insurance Availability and Affordability

On Oct. 19, Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara convened a virtual investigatory hearing to initiate a series of regulatory actions that will protect residents from the increasing risk of wildfires. During this investigatory hearing homeowners, industry experts, and insurance providers, among others, provided their input into regulations that would offset rising premiums with discounts for mitigating wildfire risks.

A recording of the October 19, Virtual Homeowners’ Investigatory Hearing is available here: Youtube.com/watch?v=vYtFqWo_qek

Tips for Finding Residential Insurance 

A list of Top Ten Tips for Finding Residential Insurance can be found here: http://rpvca.gov/Archive.aspx?ADID=2803