Public Safety Town Hall

On Thursday, May 27, the cities of Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, and Rolling Hills Estates hosted a Public Safety Town Hall with the Lomita Sheriff's Station.  We thank everyone who took the time to attend and participate in the discussion.

Town Hall Recap

What follows is a brief summary of the topics discussed during the meeting and associated resources.  For resources for the cities of Rolling Hills or Rolling Hills Estates, please visit their websites or contact City Hall.  

Please direct any questions to RPV Administrative Analyst McKenzie Bright at or 310-544-5035.


  • All four cities on the Palos Verdes Peninsula utilize the following website for residents to report coyote sightings.
  • Report sick, injured or dead coyotes to LA County Animal Control at 310-523-9566. If you see an aggressive or dangerous coyote, please call Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner Weights & Measures Department at 626-575-5462 or RPV Code Enforcement Division at 310-544-5296.  For additional information on coyotes, please visit RPV’s Coyotes page.
  • RPV City Council will be considering the Coyote Management Plan at a future Council meeting.  

Volunteering with Lomita Station

  • Residents interested in volunteering with the Lomita Sheriff’s Station can pick up an application at the Station (26123 Narbonne Ave., Lomita, CA).

Crime Prevention

  • If you see something suspicious, report it to the Lomita Sheriff’s Station at 310-539-1661.  In an emergency, contact 9-1-1.  
  • Make sure that doors and windows are locked and secured, including vehicle doors and windows. Avoid leaving valuables in plain view.  Avoid leaving valuables in your vehicles.
  • Join Neighborhood Watch to network with neighbors and the Sheriff’s Station.

In Preserves

  • If you notice something suspicious in the Preserves, you can contact the RPV Ranger Hotline at 310-491-5775.


  • If you notice a homeless individual regularly, you can refer their information to LA Homeless Outreach Portal at, and County Outreach Workers will help connect the individual with County resources, including shelter options.
  • In the individual(s) are in a suspicious location, or if you notice a fire being lit, report it immediately to the Sheriff’s Station at 310-539-1661.

Traffic Enforcement

  • If you notice a regular traffic violation, such as a number of vehicles speeding on weekend afternoons,  you can report that information to the Sheriff’s Station 310-539-1661.
  • The cities also have Traffic Safety Committees, which work to provide community input by advising the City Councils on traffic issues.  For information on the RPV Traffic Safety Committee, please visit the website.  Or, traffic questions can be directed to the RPV Public Works Department at or 310-544-5252.

Vacation Checks

  • When you go on vacation, you can let the Sheriff’s Station know you will be on vacation and request vacation checks.  The Sheriff’s Department will check the property and pick up any flyers or mail that may be left, to make sure your home looks occupied.  Contact the Station at 310-539-1661.
  • You are also encouraged to let your neighbors know you will be on vacation so they can also keep an eye on your home, and avoid posting on social media that you will be on vacation.