Organics Recycling

If it Grows

You may have heard that because of a new law that went into effect on January 1, 2022, Californians are now required to separate organics waste, such as leftover food and kitchen scraps, from their trash and place it in their green waste bins. What does this mean for RPV?

SB 1383 aims to reduce methane emissions by diverting organics waste from landfills for other uses like compost, mulch, and renewable energy. While the law is now in effect, cities were given time to transition to offering organics waste collection to their residents and businesses. Organics recycling began for residential customers in Rancho Palos Verdes on April 1, 2022, and was implemented for non-residential customers on October 1, 2022.

Organics Recycling for Non-Residential Customers

On July 19, 2022, the City Council approved new agreements with the City's seven commercial solid waste haulers to begin diverting organic/food waste from the trash stream starting October 1, 2022 (California Waste Services, Athens Services, Republic Services, EDCO, Universal Waste Systems, Waste Management, and West Coast Waste & Roll Off Service). This applies to commercial establishments, educational institutes, nonprofits, and government offices. The haulers, as well as the City’s solid waste management consultant, are reaching out to non-residential customers with more information on the program.

Organics Recycling for Residential Customers

On January 18, 2022, the City Council approved an agreement with EDCO to provide organics waste collection to residential customers after April 1, 2022. On March 15, 2022, the City Council adopted an ordinance bringing the City into compliance with the requirements of SB 1383. Following a public hearing during the same meeting, the City Council approved a rate increase of 15.6% for single-family customers for organics recycling services and an inflation-only rate increase of 3% for multi-family customers (this increase does not include the cost of organics recycling services, which will depend on each multi-family complex’s service level). Multi-family customers may contract separately for organics waste collection, or apply for an exemption. For more information on multi-family organic waste collection, please contact Lauren Ramezani, Public Works Senior Administrative Analyst, at

What does this mean for your household?

EDCO has mailed all residential customers materials explaining what organics recycling services look like, how to dispose of your organics waste, and how to order a free Kitchen Caddie to conveniently empty out in your green cart. You can also download these materials below:

EDCO Organics Recycling Coming Soon Mailer (PDF)

EDCO Organics Recycling Instructions (PDF)

EDCO Organics Recycling is Easy (PDF)

EDCO Organics Recycling Postcard (PDF)

Additional information is available on EDCO’s website at the following link: 

EDCO also produced the video below providing an overview of its organics recycling services.


What is organics waste?

Organics waste is a renewable natural resource, and it mainly comes from yard and kitchen waste from homes, food waste, and industrial and commercial operations scraps. Mandatory recycling of organics waste is the next step to achieving California’s Zero Waste goals. 

Organics Recycling with EDCO

Recycling organics is easy and convenient with EDCO’s commingled Organics Recycling program. EDCO has expanded the source-separated green waste collection to include recycling food waste. The service allows customers to place food scraps in the same container as green waste. Collect food scraps in any container for an easy way to set aside leftovers for your green organics cart. Coffee cans, plastic food storage containers, or kitchen caddies can be used. Please do not use any kind of plastic bags for any type of green waste, food waste or other organics, as they contaminate the compost. All organic material must be placed loosely inside the organics cart for collection. Paper bags are acceptable.

What will go in the green cart?

Below are just a few examples of what will be able to be placed in your green cart.

Food Scraps

Cooked or raw meat, poultry, and seafood (including bones), cheese, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, grains, pasta, eggshells, bread, coffee grounds, tea bags, tea leaves, baked goods, nuts, jelly, candy, snack foods, leftovers, spoiled food.

Food-Soiled Paper

Paper bags, paper napkins, paper towels, paper plates, paper cups, paper take-out containers and take-out boxes (with no plastic or wax coating, and metal removed), paper coffee filters, tissues.

Yard Waste

Grass clippings, small branches, small tree limbs, tree roots, flowers, leaves, plants, straw.

How can I get a Kitchen Caddie?kitchen caddie

Residents can request a free, 1.5-gallon, sealable Kitchen Caddie to conveniently transfer food scraps from the kitchen to their organics cart or compost pile on EDCO’s website. The ordering form is located at the bottom of the webpage at the following link: 

What if I live in a multi-family residence?

Green waste for multi-family customers is typically handled by landscapers. If you live in a multi-family residence such as an apartment or condominium, organics recycling services will typically depend upon how your building owner, building management or homeowners’ association board determines they will meet the requirements of SB 1383. Multi-family customers may obtain organic waste services from EDCO for an additional fee, self-haul in conformance with the requirements of SB 1383, or apply for a de minimis waiver if you meet certain specific conditions per SB 1383. For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at

What if I already compost?

SB 1383 does not allow any waivers to single-family residents. Therefore, even if single-family customers compost their own food waste, the City cannot provide a waiver nor a rate reduction.


If you have questions about organics recycling, please contact EDCO by email at, via text message at (562) 203-0295, by phone at (310) 540-2977 or visit EDCO’s website at