Emergency First Responders

Who Are Our First Responders?

Contracted Services

When the City of Rancho Palos Verdes was founded in 1973, it was incorporated as a "contract city." As such, we maintain a very small permanent staff (only 45 full-time employees for a population of approximately 41,000 residents) and contract with a variety of private firms and other governmental agencies to provide the majority of local services to our residents. Examples of contracted services include

  • Animal control
  • Building and safety inspections
  • Park maintenance
  • Roadway repairs
  • Trash collection

First Responders

We also contract with Los Angeles County to provide our local law enforcement, public safety, and health services. Therefore, during a disaster or emergency, our "local first responders" are the Los Angeles County Sheriff's, Fire and Health Departments. By contracting with the county for these services, we are able to tap into a much larger pool of resources and expertise than we would otherwise be able to provide on our own.

For example, the Lomita Sheriff's Station maintains and updates a list of our critical facilities and pharmaceutical distribution sites. There are a total of 23 identified critical facilities in our region that are checked by the Sheriff's Department on each shift, every day. In addition, we have a 4-member, community-based policing team, known as the CORE Team, that has taken a very active roll in local school safety. The CORE Team has prepared Safety and Disaster Plans for each school site and team members participate in their respective school's disaster drills.

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