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On-Line E-Request
Inspection requests are available online! Please click here to submit your E-Request. We recommend requesting your inspections a few days ahead, or as soon as you know when the work will be ready for inspection to increase your chances of getting an inspection on your requested date. 

NOTICE: Please keep in mind that 4PM is the cut-off for all

 POSSIBLE next day inspection requests. Also, inspection

 requests submitted on the weekend for next business day

 will not be honored. Inspection dates and time requested

 are NOT guaranteed. Please provide a valid email address

 for inspection confirmation and inspector contact


Your inspection time frame will be provided only by request by email/phone or by clicking Today's Inspections  by 5:30 pm the business day prior to your inspection. 

Virtual Building Inspections
The Building & Safety Division is implementing virtual building inspections an an alternative for certain types of inspections and special circumstances. Please refer to the informational handout here for more information.

RE-INSPECTION FEES may be charged when:

❑ There is a failure to provide safe access to the site or work including lack of an OSHA approved ladder, minimum Type I with a 250 lb rating, tied off to the building, installed a minimum of 3 rungs above roof, in good condition and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

❑ Repeated requests for inspection without providing access to the site, building, work, or work requested is not ready for inspection.

❑ Permits and/or approved plans are not available at the job site at the time of inspection.

❑ Work for which the inspection was requested has not been completed or request canceled prior to inspector’s arrival.

❑ Previous corrections items written up by an inspector for the work requested for inspection have not been completed.

❑ Per previous correction notice upon the requested re-inspection, construction of field revisions are not in compliance with city approved plans or adopted codes, or required submittal of revised plans for review, approval, and issuance has not been accomplished.

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