Crestridge Condominium Project

Project Planner: Amy Seeraty, Senior Planner

Contact Information: Email Amy Seeraty / (310) 544-5231

Stretch of road and hillside with sparse trees
Stretch of road and hillside with a few lush trees
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Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

Following the Draft EIR's public review period, a Final EIR (including Responses to Comments on the Draft EIR) was prepared and made available. The Final EIR includes responses to the comments that were received during the public circulation period of the Draft EIR and includes edits to the EIR document if deemed appropriate and necessary.

View the Final EIR.

Status as of May 2016
On May 10, 2016, the Planning Commission, in light of concerns raised by some residents regarding the construction of the condominium project, directed Staff to bring a status report item on its June 14, 2016 Planning Commission Agenda as a public hearing. The Planning Commission requested that the Status Report address the following items, at minimum: 1) Verdura Walls, including information on how and why the railing was installed; 2) Who approved a changed from a pitch roof to a mansard roof to certain buildings throughout the development; 3) What color will the flat portion of the mansard roof be; 4) update on the landscape plan; 5) verification of the building density per the City Council approvals. In addition to these items, Staff will report on various concerns relayed by public.

View the June 14, 2016 Planning Commission Status Report (includes all previous Status Reports) (PDF)

View the Public Notice for the June 14, 2016 Planning Commission Meeting (PDF).

Summary of Project Approval Process
On November 13, 2012, the Planning Commission considered a Final EIR and the associated entitlements for the proposed Crestridge Senior Condominium Housing Project. At the meeting, the Planning Commission opened the public hearing, took testimony from the applicant and the public, and discussed the merits of the project. However, there were several issues that the Planning Commission wanted addressed before making a recommendation to the City Council on the project (please see Draft Planning Commission Minutes for November 13, 2012). In summary, the Planning Commission directed the applicant to make adjustments to the entry tower, provide a construction timeline, and clarify the phasing/parcelization of the proposed subdivision. In addition, the Commission directed Staff to include additional conditions of approval regarding lighting, trails and updating the height line on the photo simulations.

The public hearing on the project was continued to the December 11, 2012 Planning Commission meeting to allow further discussion of these issues. After further discussion regarding the project, the Planning Commission adopted P.C. Resolution Number 2012-22, recommending that the City Council certify the Environmental Impact Report; and P.C. Resolution Number 2012-23, recommending that the City Council conditionally approve the Crestridge Senior Condominium Housing Project.

After several continuances, the City Council conducted a public hearing to consider the Planning Commission's recommendations and the proposed project. As a result, the City Council approved the proposed Crestridge Senior Housing Project on May 21, 2013. The City Council adopted Resolution No. 2013-30, which certifies the EIR and approves the Mitigation Monitoring Program. The City Council also adopted Resolution No. 2013-31, which approved the project and its Conditions of Approval.