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Welcome to the City of Rancho Palos Verdes!

Where your job search ends and your career begins

The mission of Human Resources is to foster a dynamic, inclusive, and thriving workforce, empowering employees to achieve their full potential while ensuring the efficient and equitable delivery of public services.  
Through strategic HR practices, we strive to attract, develop, and retain exceptional talent, promoting a culture of professionalism, collaboration, and continuous improvement. By upholding the highest standard of fairness, transparency, and compliance, we aim to build trust and maintain strong relationships with our employees, departments, and the community we serve. 
We strive to promote employee well-being, and cultivate a workplace environment that inspires excellence, innovation, and a shared sense of purpose for the benefit of our City and its residents.

The Administration Division provides technical assistance and analysis related to personnel and employment matters including recruitment and selection, classification and compensation, employee and labor relations, employee training, policy development, employee benefit programs, and employment law compliance. 

The Risk Management Division handles all matters related to safety and injury/illness prevention programs, workers’ compensation and unemployment claims.  The City actively participates in the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (CJPIA) to mitigate liability through effective loss prevention programs.