Where did Africanized Honey Bees come from?
Honey bees are not native to the Western Hemisphere. European settlers brought most honey bees to the Americas approximately 300 years ago. However, European honey bees did not perform well in the tropical climate of South America. So, in 1956, a bee breeder in Brazil imported hardier bees from Africa. In 1957, some of the African queen bees either escaped or were distributed to other bee keepers for breeding with European honey bees. The combination of escaping and distribution of African honey bees resulted in the hybridized or "Africanized" honey bee. Ever since 1957, the Africanized honey bees have been spreading northward at a rate of approximately 200 to 300 miles per year. By 1990, they had reached the United States boarder.

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1. Where did Africanized Honey Bees come from?
2. What makes Africanized honey bees dangerous?
3. What can I do to protect myself and my family?