Is an Annual Review still required?
Yes. The City Council shall conduct an annual review or as deemed necessary by the City Council to review the property owner’s compliance with all conditions of approval associated with the Master Plan. At that time, the City Council may add, delete, or modify the conditions of approval as deemed necessary and appropriate. Notice of said review hearing shall be published and provided to owners of property within a 500’ foot radius, to persons requesting notice, to all affected homeowners associations, and to the property owner in accordance with Rancho Palos Verdes Development Code Section 17.80.090.

As the most recent Annual Review was conducted on January 31, 2017, the next Annual Review is anticipated to be conducted by the City Council in January 2018.

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2. Are the existing ground interments closer than the required 8' setback from the north property line?
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5. Did the grade elevations in Areas 5 and 6 (vacant area southwest of property) change?
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7. Is an Annual Review still required?