Underfloor and frame Inspection

Request underfloor inspection after rough plumbing (sanitary drain lines) and rough mechanical (water and gas piping) are installed, strapped and under test; and after heat ducts are installed, supported and insulated before the subfloor is installed. Subfloor and insulation are not to be installed until inspection of underfloor has been approved.

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1. Drywall/Shower Wallboard/Tile backer Inspection
2. Electrical
3. Electrical Service Panel
4. Exterior Underground Gas Line
5. Final Inspection
6. Rough Inspections
7. Framing
8. Foundation
9. Insulation Inspection
10. Interior gas lines/release
11. Lath/wrap Inspection
12. Plumbing/Mechanical
13. Roof sheathing and shear
14. Rough or precise grading
15. Shower pan (poured in place)
16. Special Inspections
17. Subfloor Insulation
18. Subsoil plumbing (or underfloor)
19. Temporary power pole
20. Underfloor and frame Inspection