CITY COUNCIL - How can I watch City Council meeting?

Option 1 - Online Stream (High Definition) - RECOMMENDED OPTION

Go to and click on "Watch Event". If you cannot see the "Watch Event" link, please double-check there is either a City Council or Planning Commission meeting scheduled.

The online streaming is provided by Granicus and requires a modern Internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari). For more details about the minimum requirements to stream meetings online, please refer to this link

Option 2 - Online ZOOM meeting

If you are interested in watching the meeting but would like to have an opportunity to provide public comments, please fill out the Public Participation Form at A link to the Zoom meeting will be provided to you upon successful registration.

Option 3 - Local Cable Channels (Standard Definition)

Local cable channels Cox 35 and Frontier FiberOptic 39 broadcast the City Council and Planning Commission meetings live in standard definition (SD).

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