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Eastview Park

Admission Fee

No admission fee


  1. Benches
  2. Dog Park
  3. Drinking Fountain
  4. Parking
  5. Picnic Tables
  6. Playground
  7. Restrooms
  8. Seating
  9. Walking Path and Trails
  10. Water Fountain for Dogs

Park Details

Improvements on this 9.9-acre site include a children’s playground, picnic tables, walking path, permanent restroom, and an off-street parking lot. Dogs must be on a leash (6ft max.) when they are outside the dog park.

NOTE:  Park closes every time it rains for 48 hours after the last rainfall.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


If you have any questions please call the Recreation and Parks department at 310-544-5269 or email us at


  1. Dog Park

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