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Public Participation and Comment Request Form (City Council)

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  2. I would like to:*

    City Council meetings are viewable the following ways:

    1.Live – stream on our website (Click “View Event” when meeting starts)
    2.Televised on RPVtv Cox 33/ Frontier FiberOptic 38

    If a meeting is not televised or available through our website, staff will contact you and provide you with instructions to watch the meeting through the Zoom platform.

    Please fill out the personal information section below and submit.

    To leave a pre-recorded message, please call the City Clerk's office at (310) 544-5217. Staff will provide you with instructions on how to leave a message.

    You will be limited to 3 minutes in the recording. If there are a significant number of residents providing public comment on an item, the Mayor may limit speakers to less time.

    Please fill out the personal information section below and submit.
  5. Please fill out the section below if you would like to participate and provide public comment during the meeting

    Speakers are limited to three minutes per item unless otherwise specified by the Mayor

    City Council Item that you would like to comment on:

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  7. Personal Information
  8. Staff may contact you at this number.

  9. How to Participate in the Meeting
    Upon successful registration, you will be provided with the instructions.
  10. Please note that no action will be taken on matters not appearing on the prepared agenda. Written materials, including emails, submitted to the City are public records and may be posted on the City’s website. In addition, City meetings may be televised and may be accessed through the City’s website. Accordingly, you may wish to omit personal information from your oral presentation or written materials as it may become part of the public record.

    Members of the public desiring to participate in the virtual city council meeting are invited and welcome to do so. Please be advised that there exists the possibility of technological interruptions in telephone or Zoom connections which are beyond the control of City staff. Every effort will be made to establish or reestablish uninterrupted virtual participation in the council meeting. Your patience and understanding will be appreciated.

    In order to be admitted to the meeting, please make sure your Zoom name matches the name you signed up with through this Form.
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