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Inspection E-Request

  1. Inspection E-Request
    Thank you for using E-Request. Your inspection will be conducted on the following business day as long as your request was received by 4pm the business day prior with all of the required information. If you do not have the permit number and/or address, please call (310) 541-9809 to record your inspection request. You will receive an email, the business day prior to your inspection, informing you of whether your inspection has been scheduled for the AM (8am to noon) or PM (noon to 4:30pm).
  2. e.g. BLD2016-00XXX
  3. If there is no address, input Assessor's Parcel Number
  4. Date you would like your inspection.
  5. i.e. AM or PM
  6. General Inspections
  7. Electrical
  8. Mechanical
  9. Plumbing
  10. Pool/Spa
  11. e.g. gate code, etc.
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