My sign(s) are missing or may have been removed

  • 17.75.140 - Removal without compensation; legal nonconforming signs.


    The city may require removal, without compensation, of the following signs:


    Any sign installed without first complying with all ordinances and regulations in effect at the time of its construction and erection or use.


    Any sign found posted, or otherwise affixed upon any public property contrary to the provisions of this chapter. Such signs shall be immediately removed by the city.


    Legal Nonconforming Signs.


    Legal nonconforming signs shall be removed without compensation if the sign meets any of the following criteria:


    Any sign, including its supporting structure, whose use has ceased, or has been abandoned by its owner, for a period of not less than 90 days. Costs incurred in removing an abandoned sign shall be charged to the property owner.


    Any sign which has been more than 50 percent destroyed, and the destruction is other than facial copy replacement.


    Any sign that has been moved from its original location on the property, or any sign that has been enlarged by more than five percent sign area or whose height has been increased by five percent without the required approvals.


    Any temporary sign which is beyond the time limits set within this chapter for its category of temporary sign.


    Any sign which, in the determination of the city's building official, is or may become a danger to the public or which is unsafe.


    Any sign which constitutes a traffic hazard not created by relocation of streets or highways or by acts of the city or of Los Angeles County.


    Legal nonconforming signs must be maintained in accordance with Section 17.75.080(F).


    Reconstruction of a legal nonconforming sign where 30 percent or more of the sign structure is replaced must be brought into full compliance with this chapter.

    (Ord. No. 652, § 2, 11-16-21)

  • 17.75.150 - Abatement.

  • Signs which may be removed without compensation shall be abated pursuant to the following process:


    Director's Order. The director shall issue a written order of abatement, and give notice thereof.


    Notice. Upon issuance of an order, the director must forthwith give written notice of the order by depositing a copy of the order with the United States Postal Service, addressed to the owner of the business and to the owner of the property to which the order relates. Alternatively, the director may have such person(s) served personally with copies of the order.


    The order must contain a description of the property affected, the names of the owners and/or persons in possession thereof, the basis for the order, and the time within which the usage must terminate.


    The order is deemed final 30 days after the date of the notice, unless an appeal is filed.


    The sign that is the subject of the order must be removed within the time specified in the order, which may not exceed 60 days from the date the order is placed in the U.S. mail.


    If the sign is not removed within the time provided for by the order, the director will arrange for its removal, and the owner or person(s) responsible for the sign shall bear the cost of the sign's removal. The owner of the business and the owner of the property may be jointly and severally responsible for the cost of abatement.




    The owner of property, or the owner of the business, to which an order relates may appeal the order, either in propria persona or through his or her authorized agent. The appeal must be in writing, and must articulate the grounds upon which the order is being appealed. The appeal must be filed before the order becomes final, and shall include an appeal fee as set by city council resolution.


    The appeal shall be set for a de novo hearing before the Commission, and notice of the hearing shall be provided as specified below.


    At the hearing, the commission shall hear evidence to determine whether the sign falls within a category of signs that can be removed without compensation in accordance with Section 17.75.140 (Removal Without Compensation; Legal Nonconforming Signs), and any other matter the Commission deems relevant for a just resolution. The commission may hear any and all matters that it deems relevant, and is not be bound by rules of admissibility of evidence. The commission may hear relevant hearsay evidence, but may not base its findings and decisions on hearsay evidence alone.


    The commission must make a decision at the conclusion of the hearing, which shall be the effective date of the decision. The decision of the commission is deemed final ten days after the effective date, unless a timely appeal is made to the city council.


    Notice. Upon a decision by the commission either affirming or vacating an order, the secretary of the commission shall forthwith give written notice of the same. The notice shall contain a description of the property affected, the names of the owners of the property and/or the business affected, the basis for the decision reached, and a timeline for removal of the sign. The notice of such decision must be given in the same manner as set forth in Subsection (B), above.


    Mobile Billboards. Pursuant to the authority set forth in California Vehicle Code Section 22651, a mobile billboard advertising display may be removed by any police officer when left parked or standing in violation of this chapter, if the registered owner of the vehicle was previously issued a warning citation for violation of this section, advising the registered owner that he or she may be subject to penalties upon a subsequent violation of this section, that may include removal of the vehicle. Alternatively, a mobile billboard advertising display may be removed without prior issuance of a warning citation, if the city has posted signs in accordance with California Vehicle Code Section 22507(a), giving notice that it is unlawful to park, stand or otherwise allow to remain upon any city street, any mobile billboard advertising display.

    (Ord. No. 652, § 2, 11-16-21)