View Restoration Division

View Restoration and View Preservation Process

When trees exceed 16 feet in height or they exceed the roofline of the foliage owner's residence and they significantly impair a view, there are 2 types of permit requests by which a resident may restore or preserve his or her view as defined by Section 17.02.040.A of the Municipal Code. These are a View Restoration Permit and a View Preservation Permit.

City Tree Review

When a city-owned tree impairs a view, a request could be made to the View Restoration Division to conduct a review to determine whether tree trimming is warranted.  

Below you will find a summary of the permit steps.

  1. View Restoration Process
  1. View Restoration Step 1
    In order to initiate the application, the city asks that you make an attempt to work out the issue with the foliage owner. The person who wishes to restore their view shall send a certified letter to the foliage owner(s). Said letter to a foliage owner should identify the foliage in question, should clearly state what the method and amount of trimming is being requested, and provide a name and contact information so that the foliage owner could respond to the written request. Keep copies of all correspondence mailed and received.
  2. View Restoration Step 2
    If the foliage owner fails to respond to the certified letter or the issue cannot be privately resolved, then a completed Notice of Intent to File an Application for View Restoration Form (PDF) may be submitted to the city, with 3 dates selected for a potential mediation meeting. Staff then sends a notice to the foliage owner, requesting that they attend a pre-application / mediation meeting to attempt to resolve the issues between the parties.
  3. View Restoration Step 3
    If a private agreement cannot be reached in mediation, or the foliage owners have not responded to the city within the specified time frame, a formal application for a View Restoration Permit may be submitted with a non-refundable fee of $5,106. Thereafter, a public hearing before the Planning Commission will be held and a written staff recommendation with an analysis of 6 criteria called view restoration findings will be provided for the Planning Commission's consideration. These findings are described in Section 17.02.040(C)(2)(c) of the Municipal Code and in the View Restoration Guidelines Section V. If the Planning Commission approves the permit request, then the applicant will be required to pay the initial costs of performing the required trimming, removal, and/or planting replacement foliage. The foliage owner is responsible for all subsequent trimming maintenance.
  1. View Preservation Process
  1. City Tree Review