Frequently Asked Questions

  • My neighbor's trees impair a view, what should I do? Talk or write a letter to the tree owner in an attempt to obtain his or her cooperation. You may need to write a letter that is USPS Certified/Registered Mail to the foliage owner. See Early Neighbor Consultation flow chart.
  • Where are the forms used to submit a View application to the City? See Applications and Forms on this page
  • Could I request mediation services to resolve a tree/view dispute? Is it free? Yes. You may request free mediation services by completing a Notice of Intent to File a View Restoration Permit form
  • A city street tree impairs my view. Who do I call? Phone or email the View Restoration Division.
  • I discovered a bird nest in a tree that is scheduled to be trimmed. What should I do? Do not trim a tree that contains an active nest. Please review the trimming advisory
  • A city tree in front of my house needs to be trimmed as it looks untidy. Which City department do I call to request trimming? Please phone the Public Works Department at 310-544-5252.
  • What about Miraleste Parks and Recreation District trees? To request tree trimming within the District properties, please write to the District at 19 Miraleste Plaza, Rancho Palos Verdes, 90275 or call 310-831-8323. The City does not manage District trees.