Uniform Planning Application (PDF)Application required for most projects
Dumpster Permit (PDF)Temporary dumpsters for projects with an active building permit
Minor Site Plan Review (PDF)Minor accessory structures (a/c units, swimming pool, etc.)
Sign Permit (PDF)Temporary and Permanent Signs on private property
Temporary Banner Permit (PDF)Non-commercial special event banners in the public right-of-way. Apply online
Temporary Special Use Permit (PDF)
Temporary permit for outdoor business operations due to COVID-19

Informational Handouts

Antenna Development (PDF)Guidelines involving new wireless communication antenna installations, including co-location on existing antenna sites
Building Plan Copies (PDF)Procedure to request copies of Building Plans on file with the City
Development Standards (PDF)Provides lot dimensions, setbacks, lot coverage, height and parking requirements for each Single-Family Residential zoning district
EV Charge Unit (PDF)Process for the installation of EV (electric vehicle) charging units. Interior wall mounted units are exempt from Planning Division approval
Encroachment Permit (PDF)Procedure for encroachment of walls, fences, pilasters, and/or observation booths, or similar structures in the public right-of-way
Extreme Slope (PDF)
Process to construct a deck which extend/cantilever a maximum of 6 feet into the extreme slope area (35% or greater), tanks which extend a maximum of 12 feet into the extreme slope area, and flag poles up to 16 feet in height on an extreme slope
Fence/Wall Permit (PDF)Process to construct a fence or wall up to 7 feet in height within the rear or side yard setback that is contiguous with another parcel. Some fences or walls are exempt from this permit process
Grading Permit (PDF)
Process for earthwork projects.  If your earthwork is less than the Minor Grading Permit requirement criteria in this handout, it is exempt from Planning Division approval
Green Building (PDF)

Volunteer program for RPV residents who wish to construct green buildings. Incentives include expedited plan review and potential rebate of City’s processing fees
Height Variation (PDF)Guidelines and procedures for additions over 16 feet in height (e.g. second story).

Please note that the City’s Height Variation application process requires the completion of an Early Neighborhood Consultation Process. After July 1, 2022, the Planning Division will no longer be accepting proof of the completion of this process via USPS Certified Mail with Return Receipt. Completion of the process will be required as outlined in the City's Height Variation Guidelines. For additional information about this process, please contact the Planning Division at (310) 544-5228 or via email at
Low Impact Development (PDF)Checklist for projects that require Low Impact Development (LID) stormwater management strategies
Landslide Moratorium Exclusion (PDF)Procedure for a parcel of land to be excluded from the landslide moratorium area to the City Council
Mailbox (PDF)

Standard dimensions for mailboxes in the public right-of-way. No Planning Division approval is required if the mailbox is limited to the standard dimensions or smaller
Neighborhood Compatibility (PDF)

Handbook explaining the purpose and process of Neighborhood Compatibility analysis. This analysis applies to all new homes, remodels involving 50% or more demolition, certain single-story additions, second story additions, projects exceeding allowable lot coverage, certain deck/balcony/roof deck expansions and additions of a mezzanine that modifies the exterior
Site Plan Review – Major (PDF)

Applies to all projects resulting in additional lot coverage (i.e. single-story additions up to 16 feet in height, conversions that do not require exterior modifications, covered patios, trellises, storage sheds, decks greater than 30 inches in height, etc.)
Residential Construction (PDF)Step-by-step explanations for obtaining City approval for residential construction
Submittal Checklist (PDF)Itemized checklist for residential development submittal, including silhouette and property owner mailing list forms
Water Efficient Landscaping (PDF)Process and design guidelines for the installation of landscaped areas, altered landscape areas or landscaped area irrigation systems