FAA Who To Contact If You Are Impacted By Aircraft Noise



The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced its rejection of pre-emptive state and local ordinances for drones. However, the FAA acknowledged the importance of cities to reasonably regulate drone flights within their jurisdictions. For more information on the drone rules within the City of Rancho Palos Verdes, please email the City of Rancho Palos Verdes Recreation and Parks Department at parks@rpvca.gov.


The FAA, which has jurisdiction of the airspace, recommends but does not require helicopters to maintain a minimum distance from the shoreline. The Los Angeles Area Helicopter Noise Coalition (LAAHNC) submitted petitions to the FAA, which recommended minimum distance from the shoreline and minimum altitudes. Many cities, including RPV, submitted letters in support of these petitions. However, the FAA dismissed these petitions and implemented a voluntary shoreline route that encourages helicopter pilots to fly at a minimum of 750 feet offshore. The FAA recommends that citizens should contact the helicopter operator directly for information regarding the helicopter operation that creates the helicopter noise that they are experiencing.  The LAAHNC issued the following press release on March 26, 2018: