Neighborhood Watch

The Rancho Palos Verdes Neighborhood Watch program is a community-based, resident-run organization that exists to make neighborhoods safer through crime reduction and improving quality of life for individuals living in the same area. The RPV Neighborhood Watch uses its network to address issues related to crime, public safety, and quality of life. RPV NW was founded by a resident in 1992 to facilitate crime reduction and to improve communication between residents and the Sheriff’s Department and the City. It is now one of the largest and longest running programs in Los Angeles County, with approximately 90% of single-family streets participating in the program.

One of the primary goals of RPV NW is to work with neighbors to fight crime. They receive information directly from the Sheriff’s Department and information is disseminated through the NW system. The NW Coordinator shares information to Area Coordinators who then share information to Block Captains. Block Captains interact with individuals and families, and do so only with authorized information. The NW Coordinator, the Area Coordinators, and the Block Captains are also educated and trained in Emergency Preparedness, such as CERT and amateur radio training. 

For more information or to join, please email Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Gail Lorenzen at

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