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There will be a Groundbreaking Ceremony on Tuesday, September 19th at 5pm, please view Event Flyer (PDF)!

Lower Hesse Park Improvement scheduled to begin in late

August/Early September! Project scheduled to last 6 months.

See 6-6-17 Staff Report- Award of Contract to Pub Construction (PDF)

See 5-16-17 City Council Update (PDF)

See 5-16-17 Lower Hesse Park Powerpoint (PDF)

If you have any questions please contact Public Works Project Manager James Flannigan at 310-544-5277 or email James Flannigan or Recreation and Parks Senior Analyst Matt Waters, at 310-544-5218 or email Matt Waters.

August 2, 2016 Report: Design Consultant Selected

The RPV City Council awarded a Professional Services Agreement to Withers and Sandgren, Ltd. for the design of the Lower Hesse Park Improvement Project.

Please view the staff report (PDF).

Staff report contains the following attachments:

  • Draft Professional Services Agreement
  • Withers and Sandgren Proposal
  • Revised Lower Hesse Park RFP

LA County Grant Approved for Lower Hesse Park

View the City Council Agenda for December 1st

Lower Hesse Park Improvement Project approved October 20th, 2015

Lower Hesse Park Improvement Project was approved by City Council on October 20th at 7 p.m, for more information please contact Matt Waters at 310-544-5218 or email Matt Powers

View the Staff Report (PDF)

View the City Council Agenda

Lower Hesse Park

(Hawthorne Boulevard, between Locklenna Lane and Verde Ridge Road)
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Project Overview

The purpose of the Lower Hesse Park Improvement Project is to enhance accessibility, recreational opportunities, and the aesthetic condition at the park. The City has worked with a landscape architect to perform site analysis, collect community input, and create conceptual designs of both Lower Hesse and Grandview Parks simultaneously.

Current Status

Improvements to this area have been in a planning/design phase since 2005. Conceptual designs were prepared in 2011 which included extensive landscape and trail improvements and active elements such as a basketball court, tennis court, paved parking lot, and a small structure which would include a public restroom, staff office and storage. The City Council directed staff in 2012 to work with the Pacific View HOA.

Thank you to Noel Park, John Freeman, Les Chapin and Jim Moore of the Pacific View HOA for their assistance with this project.

See the Staff Report (PDF).

September 14th Public Workshop

A public workshop is scheduled at the John McTaggart Hall at Hesse Park on September 14th, 2015 at 7 PM, to discuss and receive public comment on a draft plan for lower Hesse Park. This project is scheduled to be considered by the City Council on October, 20th, 2015.

For more information about Lower Hesse Park, or the September 14th workshop, please contact Matt Waters at (310) 544-5218 or by email Matt Waters.

Access the Lower Hesse Park Workshop Agenda (PDF).

Access the Lower Hesse Park Workshop Presentation (PDF)

View the Lower Hesse Park Workshop Minutes (PDF)

Previous Project Steps

On November 16, 2010, City Council directed staff to complete the environmental review process for the Pacific Plan for Lower Hesse Park. View the concept plans (PDF). On July 17, 2012, after prioritizing capital improvement projects, City Council directed staff to work with the neighborhood homeowners association to develop a scaled down project that can be implemented in phases.

The City has completed the environmental analysis, and has determined that the project, as mitigated, will not have a significant effect on the environment. As a result, a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) has been prepared, and is now available for public comment. Public comments will be received by the City regarding the content of the MND, and must be received no later than 5:30 p.m. on January 31, 2013. The MND document can be viewed online (PDF). To view reports on the history of the project and past Council actions, please view the project history section at the bottom of this webpage. To learn more about the park improvement project, join the project listserve for Lower Hesse Park.

  1. Conceptual Design Process
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  6. Neighborhood Meeting
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The Conceptual Design Process

Public outreach performed by consultant, Mia Lehrer and Associates, and City staff included three community workshops during which community input was gathered and preliminary designs were shared. Staff also took public outreach tables to shopping centers and special events throughout the Peninsula to share information with the public and to gather input.

View a gallery of photos from the community workshops.

At the May 15 Community Workshop, the City's landscape architect led participants through a site analysis of both park sites to gather resident input.

At the July 17 Community Workshop, the city's landscape architect and city staff presented conceptual designs of the two parks and discussed traffic and circulation, park programming, and park character.

At the September 25 Community Workshop, Mayor Wolowicz, city staff, and the city's landscape architect shared conceptual designs of Lower Hesse and Grandview parks with the community and solicited feedback.

Lower Hesse Park Initial Study

Study & Master Plan Resources

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