Committee and Commission FAQ's

The City of Rancho Palos Verdes has six committees and one commission, also known as "City Council Advisory Boards" which are comprised of residents of the City. These committee and commission members are appointed by the City Council.

City committees and commissions:

See the individual committee pages for Mission Statements.

What are committee/commission terms?
All committee and commission terms of office are four years in length. The Planning Commission has a term limit of two consecutive terms, with residents eligible to serve additional terms after the expiration of at least six months.

Which committee/commission members are paid?
Planning Commissioners receive a salary of $135 per month (although some members elect not to receive this salary). All other committees are comprised of volunteer, non-paid positions
Are Planning Commissioners paid if they are absent from a meeting?
The $135 monthly salary received by Planning Commissioners is not a payment per meeting, and as such, if a Commissioner misses a meeting they are normally still paid. Rancho Palos Verdes Municipal Code Section 2.20.030 further addresses Planning Commission absences from meetings: "Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, any commissioner who is absent from any three consecutive regular meetings of the planning commission unless excused from attendance by consent of the commission expressed by action recorded in its minutes or who is absent without such absence being excused of record, from a total of five regular meetings of the commission in any six-month period, shall thereby automatically forfeit his or her position as a member of the planning commission. In such case the name of such commissioners shall be automatically removed from the membership of the commission immediately after the adjournment of any such third consecutive meeting or of any such fifth meeting in any such six-month period, as the case may be, at which such commissioner has not appeared. The chairperson or secretary of the planning commission shall thereupon promptly notify the city council and any such person so ceasing to be a commissioner, of the fact of such vacancy."

Can an elected official serve on a committee/commission?
Although there is no expressed prohibition, the practice of the City has been that elected officials do not serve on City committees/commissions. As City Council Advisory Boards, separate resident opinions are valued in advising the City Council on decisions.

Can a resident serve on multiple commissions simultaneously?
Although there is no expressed prohibition, the practice during the appointment process has been that residents serve on one committee or commission at a time, allowing ample opportunity for all residents to serve the community.