Civic Center Advisory Committee


The Civic Center Advisory Committee shall serve as a citizen’s advisory board to the City Council advising on the development of the Civic Center Master Plan, Committee members will play a vital role in the public outreach process, financial analysis, layout/boundary concerns, conceptual design, and other related issues.


The Civic Center Advisory Committee holds evening meetings as required, generally on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. in the Community Room at City Hall.

Committee Member Term Limits

NameTerm BeginsTerm ExpiresFirst Appointed
Email Linda Cohu, Vice-Chair06/01/202106/30/202406/01/2021
Email Lisa Jankovich
Email Debby Kim03/07/202306/30/202403/07/2023
Email Paul Klose03/07/2023
Email Jeanne Lacombe
Email Gregory O’Brien, Chair
Email Mickey Rodich

Agendas & Minutes

Current meeting agendas are available at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. Minutes are available following approval along with the agenda in the Archive Meetings section of the page. Agendas and Minutes

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Committee Duties

1. Make such procedural rules and regulations as necessary to conform to the law and to properly conduct business.

2. Develop a Committee Work Plan for City Council consideration and approval.

3. Consider matters regarding Civic Center Master Plan which are brought to its attention by the City Council or Staff.

4. Consider citizens’ suggestions, opinions, survey results and issues of concern regarding the Civic Center Master Plan and make recommendations to the City Council as appropriate.

5. Support committee public outreach activities which may include attending forums, community meetings and special events.

6. Consult with other City Advisory committees and make recommendations to the City Council regarding the nature, size and scope of facilities; infrastructure needs of the development; site constraints and layout; access, streets and traffic safety; environmental objectives and concerns; costs, capital and financing issues; and any other issues related to the development of the Civic Center Master Plan.

7. Recommend to the City Council subjects that should be studied by the Committee.

8. City Council has approved the following work plan Fiscal Year 2020 through 2021 Work Plan for the Civic Center Advisory Committee.

Contacting the Civic Center Advisory Committee (CCAC)


The most effective manner to communicate with the CCAC is to send an email message to CCAC. All email messages sent to the CCAC email address are automatically forwarded to each CCAC member’s individual City email address. You can also email each member individually by selecting the link in their name in the Committee Member Term Limits table.


Phone messages will be forwarded to the CCAC by calling City Hall at (310) 544 - 5200 and speaking with Senior Administrative Analyst Matt Waters.

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