Lower Point Vicente Improvements

Project Planner: Ara Mihranian, Director
Contact Information: Email Ara Mihranian / (310) 544-5227

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Amendment to the RPV Coast Vision Plan - Lower Point Vicente

In August 2011, the Annenberg Foundation formally withdrew their development application for Lower Point Vicente. Since that time, the Council adopted Vision Plan for Lower Point Vicente continued to show the Annenberg facility as a future project for this property. In order to update the Vision Plan document to remove the Annenberg Foundation's project from Lower Point Vicente given the withdrawal of the project, the Council directed Staff to place such an item on a future Council agenda. At its November 20, 2012 meeting, the Council amended the Vision Plan by removing the Annenberg Foundation's proposal and substituting it with a public green area. The Council also directed Staff to initiate a public outreach process to develop an updated plan for Lower Point Vicente that would eventually be incorporated into the Council adopted Vision Plan.

Given this direction, prior to conducting public workshops on this matter, Staff formed a focus group of community stakeholders (including one councilmember) to help develop a base plan that would be presented to the public. Over the past year, the focus group regularly met and has come up with a base plan that intends to strike a balance between the various community stakeholders, complies with the property restrictions, and adheres to various City documents. Prior to vetting the base plan at a future public workshop and at a future City Council meeting, City Staff has requested officials from the National Park Service (NPS) and State Parks to affirm that the base plan for the proposed park improvements at Lower Point Vicente comply with the property's deed restrictions and Program of Utilization. Once the base plan has been affirmed by NPS and State Parks, City Staff will commence with the public outreach process, including conducting public workshops, to receive public comments on the proposed plan prior to presenting the plan to the City Council.

  • Base Plan (PDF) developed by the focus group and provided to the NPS and State Parks

October 11, 2011 Planning Commission Meeting Status Update Report

At the request of the Planning Commission, a status report on the Parking Lot and Site Improvement Project at Lower Point Vicente will be given to the Planning Commission at its October 11, 2011 meeting.

The City of Rancho Palos Verdes will be completing the site improvements at Lower Point Vicente originally approved for the Point Vicente Interpretative Center (PVIC) expansion project. The site improvements consist of the following:

  • Added and reconfigured parking spaces
  • Driveway realignment
  • New and improved decomposed granite trails
  • On-site lighting (including the parking lot)
  • On-site drainage improvements (including water quality measures)
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Minor site grading to

In order to accommodate the above improvements, earth movement will be needed to prepare the site for construction. The earth movement will be conducted in accordance to a Work Plan approved by the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) that is consistent with the previous lead remediation plan.

The site improvements at Lower Point Vicente were not completed by the City at the time the expansion to PVIC was completed because of the lack of budget resources. Unrelated to its proposed building and improvements at Lower Point Vicente, the Annenberg Foundation is funding the site improvements at Lower Point Vicente as a charitable gift to the City.

Prior to commencing construction, the City will complete an environmental assessment pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for consideration by the Planning Commission along with a revision to the Condition Use Permit, Coastal Permit, and Grading Permit for the PVIC expansion project. More information, including project plans and related documents, will posted on this site when made available.

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