Trump National Golf Club

Project Planner: Amy Seeraty, Senior Planner

Contact Information: Email Amy Seeraty / (310) 544-5231

UPDATE - Special Use Permit - Temporary Shipping Container

On June 5, 2019, the Director approved a Special Use Permit application for the temporary placement of a shipping container to be used as a custom golf club fitting office at the east end of the driving range for a period of 1-year, from September 23, 2019 to September 23, 2020. The City’s appeal period ended without an appeal on June 10th, after which the Coastal Commission began their 10-day appeal period. A resident appealed the City’s decision to the Coastal Commission and an appeal hearing was scheduled for August 9, 2019. On August 1, 2019, the Applicant submitted an email to the Coastal Commission, withdrawing their project. As a result, the City has also withdrawn approved Special Use Permit.

Special Use Permit - Temporary Shipping Container

On April 24, 2019, the Applicant submitted a Special Use Permit application, requesting approval to temporarily place a shipping container (9-foot-wide by 30-foot-long by 8.5-feet-high) at the east end of the driving range from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. The temporary shipping container will be used as an office for custom golf club fitting and will operate during the permitted hours of the driving range (daylight hours, from dawn to dusk).

View the public notice (PDF).

View the Proposed Office (PDF).

Final Tract Map Number 50666

  1. 9/4 Public Hearing
  2. 8/21 Public Hearing
  3. 8/14 Public Hearing
  4. Conditions of Approval

September 4, 2018 City Council Hearing

On September 4, 2018, the City Council will consider the following:

  1. Approve an Amended and Restated Development Agreement between the Applicant and the City to clarify and consolidate, under one agreement, all of the previously-approved changes and conditions to the development of the Project (including the conditions of approval previously imposed on the Project by the City) and to extend the term of the Development Agreement to ensure that the Project's public benefits are protected in the interest of the community.
  2. Approve an Amended and Restated Declaration of Restrictions (also known as "Maintenance Agreement") to clarify the maintenance responsibilities of the Applicant for all trails, open space, streets, habitat, and other public amenities on the Trump National Golf Club property and certain City-owned properties.
  3. Approve a License Agreement to allow the Applicant to access portions of the City-owned Switchbacks and certain City-owned properties to maintain the trails, parks, open space, public facilities, and habitat as required under the Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) for the Project and by the Maintenance Agreement.
  4. Approve an amendment to the Shoreline Park License Agreement, extending the term in perpetuity to allow the Applicant to perform its habitat maintenance and management obligations under the HCP.
  5. Approve and authorize the recordation of Final Vesting Tract Map No. 50666.

View the Staff Report (PDF).

Revision "EEE" - Continued Temporary Operation of the Driving Range

On August 16, 2016, the City Council approved a request to allow the continued temporary operation of the driving range for an additional 2-year period and extending the life of the Development Agreement and Tentative Tract Map Number 50666 for an additional 2-years.

View Resolution Number 2016-38, approving revisions to Grading Permit Number 1541 for Revision "EEE."

View Resolution Number 2016-37, approving a 2-year extension of Vesting Tentative Tract Map Number 50666.

View Resolution Number 2016-36, adopting Addendum Number 47 to EIR Number 36 for Revision "EEE".

View Ordinance Number 519U, approving Amendment No. 11 to the Development Agreement.

View the Staff Report (PDF).

Bridge & Portions of Catalina Trail Re-Opened to the Public

The City Geologist has observed cracks on the seaward side of the pedestrian bridge at the end of La Rotonda Canyon along the Catalina Trail. In response, the bridge and portions of the Catalina Trail were temporarily closed as a precautionary measure while the bridge was being evaluated by the Trump organization. Geotechnical and structural evaluations were completed with conclusions that while further erosion has occurred, the condition of the bridge has not changed since the last inspection in November 2015. As a result, the bridge and portions of the Catalina trail will be re-opened to the public. Additionally, as recommended by the geotechnical and structural consultants, the City will require periodic reexamination of the canyon and the bridge following earthquakes, floods, and landslides.

View the structural evaluation report prepared on June 14, 2016 (PDF).

Access the geotechnical report prepared on May 30, 2016 (PDF).

Coastal Permit - Flag Pole

On February 16, 2016, the City Council adopted Resolution Number 2016-08, thereby approving the existing 70-foot tall flag pole on the property. No appeals were filed to the Coastal Commission. On May 11, 2016, a building permit was finaled for the flag pole.

  • City Council Resolution Number 2016-08, approving Amendment Number 2 to Revision "BB" (Conditional Use Permit Number 163 and Variance) and Coastal Development Permit for an existing 70-foot tall flag pole.
  • February 16, 2016 Staff Report and attachments (scroll down to Public Hearing Item Number 3)
  • California Coastal Commission Staff Report, approving an amendment to the City's LCP, allowing flag poles exceeding 16-foot in height up to 70-foot under specific parameters.
  • City Council Resolution Number 2014-73 (PDF), adopting a Negative Declaration, making certain environmental findings related to adopting a text amendment to the end of the current Visual Corridor Section (Page C-12 of LCP) of the Corridor's Element in the Local Coastal Specific Plan (LCP), to allow flag poles up to 70-foot in height that meets specific parameters in the City's Coastal Zone.

Waterfall Removal Project

On February 6, 2015, the City approved a Grading Permit, allowing the removal of three separate waterfalls located at hole numbers 1 and 17 and lot 38 of tract 50667 (east of hole 4) with 19,487 cubic yards of grading. The waterfall areas will be filled to pre-waterfall conditions and contoured to match the surrounding contours. A building permit was issued on April 29, 2015.

View the Notice of Decision and Staff Report (PDF).

General Background

The Trump National Golf Course development consists of an 18-hole public golf course, clubhouse, driving range, maintenance facility, 4 affordable housing units, 57 single family residential lots, public parklands, pedestrian and bicycle trails, and native habitat preserves. The subject property is approximately 261 acres in size and is located between Palos Verdes Drive South and the Pacific Ocean, and between the Portuguese Bend Beach Club on the west and the city's Shoreline Park property on the east. The main entrance to the site is at the intersection of Palos Verdes Drive South and Forrestal Drive / Ocean Trails Drive.

Dirt Landscape

A portion of the project suffered a landslide on June 2, 1999 that destroyed a major portion of the 18th golf hole. The developer obtained approval from the City of Rancho Palos Verdes and the California Coastal Commission for a landslide repair plan. Repair of the landslide, which included re-building the 18th hole, was completed in late 2005.

The development was purchased by Donald Trump Properties in October 2002. On May 20, 2003, the city Council approved the relocation of some golf course tees, the addition of water features, as well as improvements to the clubhouse, including the addition of a day spa and more restaurant space. Furthermore, in June 2005, the city Council approved the construction of a driving range to replace 16 of the approved residential lots on the west side of the project. While the Clubhouse, with its restaurants, pro shop and banquet facilities has been open since 1999, on January 17, 2006, the City Council approved the opening of the full 18-hole golf course to the public for the first time.

In addition to the golf course, building pads have been graded to accommodate 59 residences on both ends of the project site. Of these 57 residential lots, 36 have been approved for sale through Final Map Number 50667 on the east end of the project. Currently, Trump National has constructed or is in the process of constructing homes on some of these lots. The remaining 23 residential lots on the west end of the project are not available for sale or development at this time since the Vesting Tentative Tract Map (50666) covering these lots has not been finalized.

In July 2005, Founders Park, a city park located below the Clubhouse that overlooks the ocean, was dedicated by city Officials. The city park, along with all the public trails and public parking lots are open to the public between 1 hour before sunrise and 1 hour after sunset. The park and trails can be accessed from La Rotonda Drive and from Ocean Trails Drive.

The city's project planner overseeing the Trump National project is Senior Planner, Amy Seeraty. She may be contacted at 310-544-5231 or via email. Trump National may be contacted at 310-265-5525.

Existing Documents

Habitat Conservation Plan (PDF)